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Eco Progressive Cavity Pumps

Eco Progressive Cavity Pumps
Eco Progressive Cavity Pumps
Eco Industrial Pump
Eco Industrial Pump
Wide Throat Pump
Wide Throat Pump
Eco Agricultural Pump
Eco Agricultural Pump

Progressive cavity pumps are positive displacement, self-priming pumps offering flexible solutions to the mining, explosives, agricultural, chemical, paper, food, cosmetic and waste water industries. The pumping action is created by rotating the helical rotor within the double helix rubber stator .

The Unique Eco Pump range is manufactured in different sizes and various materials to suit specific applications and conditions in which they will operate.

Spares & Support

With the high cost of imported products due to a strong US Dollar, Euro and GB Pound, both availability and cost of imported parts are an important consideration when buying a pump. The 100% South African manufactured spares ensure first-rate availability and highly cost effective replacement parts, resulting in a saving to customers of as much as 40%. Generic spares are interchangeable with the majority of helical rotor positive displacement pumps available on the market.

Eco Industrial pumps

  • Solid shaft with sealed joints eliminate solidification in the hollow shaft and contamination of the pin joint.
  • Suitable for the majority of industrial applications.
  • Hollow shaft design is also available with standard seals suitable for handling most products in the industry.

Wide throat pumps:

  • Solid shaft or commonly known as fully sealed joints, provide complete sealing protection from contamination or ingress.
  • These are also available in a flex shaft configuration. Solid shaft with a large rectangular inlet and auger feed provides a constant flow to the pumping element, enabling it to pump highly viscous products normally considered unpumpable.
  • The auger makes it capable of handling materials such as thick, non-flowing pastes, slurries, raggy type products, fruit and vegetable type processing paste or waste.
  • Viscosities up to 800 000 Centipoise.

Eco Agricultural pump

  • Pulse free flow - Positive displacement - Abrasion resistant - Self priming
  • The Eco Agricultural Pump can be driven by an electric motor, petrol or diesel engine or tractor PTOs (shafts).
  • The performance has flows up to 6 cubic metres per hour and heads up to 300 meters.
  • This range has been designed specifically for irrigation stock watering and gland servicing.

Technical Specifications

  • Bearing housing - double row angular ball bearings and large deep groove ball bearings take radial and axial loads. The rigid shaft ensures optimal sealing
  • Shaft sealing - packed stuffing box with or without protective shaft sleeves, single or double mechanical seals or specific sealing systems to customer specifications.
  • Pump Body - stainless steel or mild steel coated to specification
  • Rotating assembly - stainless steel, carbon steel or to specification
  • Joints - sealed pin type joints eliminate contamination and extend joint life. Open type joints are optional for hygienic range.
  • Rotors - hard chrome plated carbon steel, hardened tool steel, stainless steel with or without chrome plating.
  • Stators - resilient and abrasion resistant, natural and synthetic elastomers including food grade compounds

Pamodzi Unique Engineering has a well structured quality management system compliant with ISO9001:2015, and has been accredited since 1992.

"Pamodzi Unique Engineering has the design expertise, flexibility and manufacturing capacity
to satisfy varied customer requirements."