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BES Pantographs

BES Pantographs - On track and pulling your weight

Pamodzi Unique Engineering BES Pantographs have been servicing and supplying the Southern African rail industry and open cast mines with its specialist range of pantographs for 25 years.

BES Rail Pantographs

A range of pantographs with varying base frame and collection head configurations are manufactured. The BES pantograph is approved by TRF (Transnet Freight Rail) and PRASA.

Our pantographs can be fitted with an automatic drop device (ADD), which is specifically designed to reduce or prevent damage to the overhead line infrastructure, locomotive roof equipment and the pantograph itself during any impact (hook up).

Our locomotive pantograph design accommodates a 3 or 4 point mounting depending on the specific locomotive type and roof layout.

  • Voltage: 3kV DC, 25kV AC, 50kV AC
  • Current: rated 2000A for pantograph structure from RSE specification
  • Contact Pressure: 70N to 85N
  • Height in home position: approximately 400mm
  • Maximum height from home position: 2 655mm
  • Total Weight (without insulators): approximately 180kg

BES Off Road Truck Pantographs

Pamodzi Unique Engineering also manufacture and supply OH (off Highway) pantographs for the largest pit trucks operating in some of the biggest open cast mining operations in Africa. BES services and rebuilds pantographs and offers on-site training in the correct setting procedures for in service pantographs.

  • Voltage: approximately 1.8kV CD
  • Current: peak 2000A (Max amps for 4 cables)
  • Contact Pressure: approximately 275N
  • Height in home position: approximately 600mm
  • Maximum height from home position: 2 650mm
  • Total Weight (without insulators): approximately 380kg

Technical Design & Support

The pantograph structure is designed to be aerodynamically efficient. A variety of approved collector heads to accommodate contact strips (copper or carbon) are available. BES Pantographs are designed to accommodate AC or DC current. The up and down movement is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder and springs.

Pantographs are tested and set to customer specifications. Critical spares and technical field support is available, ensuring product efficiency. We also refurbish damaged pantographs.

A range of pantograph and buss-bar roof insulators are also manufactured to specification.

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Pamodzi Unique Engineering has the design expertise, flexibility and manufacturing capacity to deliver seamless engineering solutions well suited for an array of industrial, mining and agricultural applications.