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Eco Borehole Pumps

Eco Borehole Pumps - Flexible Fluid Transfer

The locally-manufactured Eco BG range offers durability and long life, backed by Unique's strong reputation for service and quality.

Eco BG Range

ECO BG borehole pumps are designed to handle extremely deep boreholes and are ideal for agricultural, municipal and mining dewatering applications. The range comprises of 10 models, which are capable of pumping up to 100 000 litres per hour and easily manage 30 BAR head.

The rugged, reliable Eco BG pump can be driven by all sources of energy thus making it highly suitable for the arduous conditions prevalent in Africa. It excels at long distance pumping, due to its high head capabilities reaching up to 300 meters (30 BAR). The advantage of the high head proficiency is that the pumps can be used for direct irrigation and mine dewatering.

The drive head is manufactured with an anti-reverse pin mechanism ensuring the correct pumping direction. Although the flow rate is directly proportional to the pump speed, the characteristic of the Eco BG pump boasts an exceptional feature where the total head is independent of the pump speed due to its positive displacement ability.

With a continuous non pulsating flow aptitude, the Eco BG is able to effortlessly handle solids in suspension. This makes these pumps the frontrunners at handling muddy, sandy and corrosive water conditions found in most boreholes.

The sealed bearings ensure longevity for maintenance free operation. Durable flexible shafts offer resilience and all components are manufactured for endurance. The Engineering expertise of the shaft design removes stresses on the drive section of the pump. Heavy
duty bearings are utilised on larger pump models to eliminate wear and ensure stress free performance.

The 100% locally manufactured Eco BG ensures availability and affordability of spares. All components are manufactured at Pamodzi Unique’s SABS ISO accredited facility in Johannesburg.

Pamodzi Unique Engineering has the design expertise, flexibility and manufacturing capacity to deliver seamless engineering solutions well suited for an array of industrial, mining and agricultural applications.